Acura Sport Hybrid Technology - Performance Meets Power

With Acura Sport Hybrid technology, you don't need to sacrifice power for performance, you get the best of both worlds, plus a lot more. Mixing electronic motors with a gas engine, the Sport Hybrid technology uses electronic motors to enhance the overall driving experience in nearly every way. From improved acceleration, to improved handling and braking, the Sport Hybrid system is ready to speed you along to your next destination. You'll be sure to find a model with Sport Hybrid technology to fit your vehicle needs in the Ocala area.


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Get Help With Mystery Leaks and Squeaks

Are you hearing a dreaded squeak coming from your engine? Are you seeing new "mystery" drops of fluid on your driveway? That could spell trouble from one of the many belts and hoses throughout your vehicle. Although their synthetic materials are designed for extreme use, they do eventually wear.

Cars won't run without proper belts and hoses. For example, a single serpentine belt typically drives and powers several engine components. If that breaks from wear, your car will likely overheat, lose steering power, electrical power, and more. 

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Helping Your Car Breathe Better

While you drive, your car breathes much the same as you do. Your engine pulls air through a filter under the hood, while newer vehicles also make use of an in-cabin filter to clean the interior air. Each filter ensures the delivery of clean air—to your engine and to you.

The air filter beneath your hood keeps the air entering your engine clean and free of anything that could damage its internal components. Dust and dirt particles can do a number on valves, pistons, and any other moving parts. 

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Good Tire Tread Helps You Avoid Accidents

You would like to do all that you can to keep your vehicle moving along the road in a way that is safe. The treads on your tires can affect how you drive and whether or not you become involved in accidents of any kind. When the treads on your tires are worn down, you might find your vehicle slipping when you try to speed up or slow down. The Jenkins Acura service team here in Ocala, FL can help.

When the treads on your vehicle are in poor shape, you may find that it takes you a long time…

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Consider Simple Food Transport Tips for the Holiday Season

Driving with food during the holiday season can certainly be a hassle sometimes. Here at Jenkins Acura, we've all been through it just like you. That is why we decided to share some of our helpful hints to minimize the hassle for you.

First and foremost, consider what dishes you are transporting and what you are transporting it in. If it is something with any kind of liquid to it, such as a sauce or gravy, then you will want to try and find a container that is almost 100% spill proof. Additionally, laying down some old towels will…

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Top Tips for a Successful Road Trip

Before commencing any road trip we at Jenkins Acura recommend you to ensure your multi-point checklist captures what you will need on the journey. A well-planned road trip we give you maximum excitement as every activity will be systematically scheduled. The following tips are essential while arranging for a journey.

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Figure Out Which Vehicle You Can Afford Based on Cost of Ownership

If you are going to purchase a vehicle, you need to figure out how much you can afford to spend on the vehicle that you pick out. It is important for you to think about the various costs of owning a vehicle so that you can know what you can purchase. That’s where our finance experts at Jenkins Acura can come into play, with your budget needs in mind.

You need to think about the cost of insurance and the way that affects what you can spend on the vehicle that you purchase. More than just paying a car…

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